Marcus Van Clief - President

Marcus is a current Senior studying Political Science. He grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia and he joined Alpha Sig to better himself through opportunities presented by the fraternity. In his free time you can find Marcus Snowboarding or playing Fortnite with the boys.

Mike may - Vice President

Mike rocks the dirtiest goatee this side of the Appalachians. Apart from that is that he is a fantastic leader. Working as a shift manager at Taco Bell, he is well-versed in holding others accountable and ensuring that things run efficiently and smoothly. In the face of any problem, Mike keeps a level head and makes decisions that are always for the best for the chapter.

Clay Kosonocky - Academics

Clay is from Fort Collins and clearly made the right choice coming to Boulder. He is majoring in Chemical and Biological engineering and spends most of his time at the library. When he's not hosting study tables or going to class, you can find him at Red Rocks getting weird to Griz. Clay also whips up some sick beats himself so make sure to check out his Soundcloud and jam out!

Chuck Dirty@0,5x.jpg

Charlie Kovarik - Treasurer

Charlie was born in Portland, Maine and is majoring in Finance. He joined Alpha Sig because of the friends he met and the culture of true brotherhood that he found at our chapter. Charlie has ambitions of one day coaching High School football and is the head coach for our team each year at the annual Buff Bowl. He loves watching sports, snowboarding, and working on his dollhouse furniture.

Dallas Vanderheyden - Recruitment

Dallas (Fort Worth) Vanderheyden is best known as being the Star Performer for the Chi O Karaoke Dance-Off Competition. His philosophy for recruitment is "Quality over quantity" and wants to continue the streak of 5 years of continuous growth and quality recruitment.

Alex Greenberg - Alumni Director

Alex has been the President and Vice President of Alpha Sigma Phi, Pi chapter, and he is also the CEO of his own clothing brand, "Get It Poppin (GIP)" (You might have seen their stickers by the underpass at Walgreens or in the Norlin bathroom). 

Greenberg STEEZE.PNG

Kevin Ruttenberg - Secretary

Kevin is a senior Chemistry major who used to be big into Ultimate Frisbee. He is a great friend and brother, who will always have your back. 

Josh Bly - Marshal 

As Marshal, Josh is in charge of our sacred rituals and ancient secrets. He works tirelessly to protect the secret meaning behind Alpha Sigma Phi and ensures that everything is run officially and efficiently, just as it was 170 years ago when our founding fathers established ΑΣΦ. Not only an avid fan of 80s speed metal, he will do just about anything to go out of his way to help another brother.